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Organisational Development - Change Management

So, you've got a great plan, but something tells you that it might not be that simple. Statistics, such as 50-75% of all change projects fail to reap the anticipated benefits, give you pause for thought. And rightly so. You know you need to manage the change but what does that actually mean?

Organisational change touches every element of an organisation:

Successful change management explicitly addresses every one of these aspects.

We bring a wealth of personal and organisational change experience, models, practical tools and techniques to help you plan and implement the change you seek.

We can:

You not only feel in control, you are in control.

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What people say

I felt like I was talking to someone who really understood the whole area of change management. Jacqueline has more than knowledge and tools, she is a keen listener, is extremely patient and understanding and very empathetic. Managers and staff at VSO
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This project created space for us to... sound off, open up, talk freely, and learn a bit of the theory about culture change. And we've ended up with a small number of practical actions which make people believe we're serious about them as individuals and the mission and values we say we espouse. Chair, Hope and Homes for Children
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The session was participative and engaging, giving delegates the opportunity to use a simple yet effective model that could be applied in a variety of change scenarios. Training & Development Manager, Blue Cross Animal Welfare
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