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We believe that with the right support, everyone can reach their potential.

Coaching gives you the space to reflect, consider and explore, enabling you to make choices towards the life you want to lead. You will become clearer about what you want, what is helping, and what might be getting in the way by exploring practical options and ways of being that work for you.

Coaching helps you to find answers from within yourself and your own experiences. Your coach will listen to you with a genuine curiosity, to understand who you are, how you think and how you experience the world. They will reflect this back to you with the kind of objective assessment that creates real clarity. During conversations, your coach will encourage you to rise to challenges, overcome obstacles and take action.

Through coaching, you can gain:

J Hill Associates coaches are qualified members of a recognised professional coaching body and regularly receive personal supervision and coaching.

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What people say

Jacqueline is an experienced and talented coach and she has really helped me personally and with teams over the past few years. She is very approachable but at the same time is able to challenge and make sure that you are achieving your aims.  I often use the techniques that Jacqueline uses with me when I am talking to others. I am more self aware and am able to think about the outcomes that I want from others when I am designing and thinking about my communication style/approach. Head of International Communications, international development organisation
Jacqueline brought a range of coaching skills and techniques that really enabled me to reflect on the areas we were discussing and to come up with a number of strategies for my own development; a valuable and worthwhile experience that I would fully recommend. Future Leaders graduate, now a head teacher
Having recently relocated to the UK, it was a fairly steep learning curve and adjustment period for me. Having an external coach allowed me an independent 'sounding board' to freely test ideas and approaches without feeling the need to be guarded in what was said. Jacqueline has been excellent in knowing when to push and when to allow the pace to develop. Senior Manager, international financial organisation
I think that had I not had her (Jacqueline's) coaching I would not have had the confidence to take on this new role and effectively manage the stresses that any new role places on an individual. I think the most important tools she has given me is my new ability to take criticism constructively and have faith in my abilities, whatever role it is that I am taking on. Project manager, youth organisation
Coaching has given me the time and space to look at myself and think more deeply. It has been an exceptionally positive experience and given me scope to build on what I have learned. Day Unit Manager, clinical services provider
I was at a point where I was facing multiple challenges, and feeling that I had lost both momentum and direction. Jacqueline's coaching enabled me to understand both my true priorities, and the things that were blocking my progress. She was challenging where necessary, always encouraging, and made me responsible to myself for the outcomes. I now have focus, know where I am headed, and am reaping the benefits, both personally and in business. Director, consulting business
Coaching was an extremely valuable experience. Jacqueline helped me get a long way towards achieving the short-term goals I set myself and reshape my longer-term ambitions from something frightening and remote into something that was achievable and exciting. Future Leaders graduate
Jacqueline has a good ear for the undercurrent in the conversation – the things that I wasn’t quite saying clearly, and the things that were at a less conscious level. She is willing to float ideas that are absolutely grounded in what I have said and which take it further, and she does this in a way which allows thoughtful exploration of the ideas. I found it easier than with other coaches to bring up ideas about myself that I find distasteful and so was able to work on them. As a result I was able to give up on some negative thoughts and “should” that were acting as blocks for me. Following our work I have found myself just getting on with it, rather than worrying about what I should be doing so am finding my contributions (to the charity) more effective. Charity Trustee