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Team Effectiveness - Re-engaging Teams

Been through difficult times? You're not alone. Whether from external pressures or internal change, all organisations go through periods where employees are left feeling the loss of former work practices or colleagues, and for some, guilt for having survived.

We don't believe in simply sweeping the past under the carpet - it can leave lumps that trip us up later! We do however believe that by addressing the human effects of change programmes such as restructuring and redundancy, you can accelerate the recovery process leaving you better equipped to face future challenges.

Our solutions-focused approach helps teams to become enthusiastic about the future by acknowledging the personal impact of recent events, drawing a line under the past, and identifying practical ways to move on and to quickly return to optimal performance.

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What people say

My confidence and self-motivation has improved. Workshop participant, Thames Reach
The post-workshop meeting helped me to refocus my energy on the team members and relationships that will have the most positive impact. Team Manager, Thames Reach
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Forced some much needed self-analysis - cathartic. Workshop participant, Identity & Passport Service
We have built on the outputs of the workshop and there has been a positive impact on the business. Director of Operations, Identity & Passport Service
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