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Organisational Development - Structure, Roles & People

Whatever the driver is for a change to your structure or roles, experience tells us that we cannot do this without understanding the goals of the organisation, and the processes and relationships that make it work. What needs to be different as a result of restructuring, revising or introducing new roles?

We get behind the organisational charts and job descriptions to help you identify what really needs to happen, then work with you to identify and design effective roles and how they interact. We help you make sense of the relative sizes of the jobs to facilitate effective reward and succession planning. We capture this either within your own documentation styles or by helping you design new ways of getting the information across.

We are also experienced in developing assessment processes as part of internal or external recruitment to ensure your carefully designed roles are filled by people that fit.

Structure and role changes often bring uncertainty and anxiety, and sometimes not everyone is delighted with the end result. We will help you to communicate effectively at all stages of the process to ensure it is transparent, fair, and that people can see that the outcomes are necessary for the future success of the organisation.

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Jacqueline brought an invaluable insight into operationalising the vision, unpacking it, detailing the steps to be taken, the risks to be avoiding, and the outputs to be delivered... Director, ARTICLE19
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Jacqueline has a great understanding of how people work together, and has built up a good understanding of how our organisation works... Head of International Finance, WaterAid
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Jacqueline is very much a "hands on" operator who has the extraordinary ability to completely take the pressure off management but at the same time ensure that they retain ownership and control of both the process and the output... Finance Director, WaterAid
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J Hill Associates grasped quickly what we were looking for, provided very useful input to the competencies and people skills, and developed a challenging and revealing assessment day - a real pleasure to work with. Debbie Ramsay, Business Development Director
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